Harmonious Wail

Saw you 2 tonight, Maggie and Sims, at the Sala Thai. I wanted to jump up and down and tell you that I am a big fan. I didn't. Was that the right decision? Love the food there.

Harmonious Wail responded on 08/03/2012

Yeah Sala Thai! We also love them. Funny thing - we both worked till about 7:45- Mag teaching vocal lessons, me managing the wail and the upcoming Gypsy Fest (tickets on sale now at www.midwestgypsyswingfest.com
and we thought oh we won't see any one we know so kind went as we were - exhausted & dressed bluesey - we head nodded, right? any way - great to see you -- we are always approachable - I mena who doesn't love it when some one say "I love your work!" thanks agan -- hope to see you soon - maybe I can actually remember your name and use it instead of the "hey man, thanks" -- all the best - sims

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