Harmonious Wail

I emailed you a few months ago with a list of venues in the Humboldt Bay area of No. California. Are you actually coming this way anytime soon? Larry K.

Harmonious Wail responded on 04/21/2011

Hi Larry, I totally loved getting that list from you - the short answer is that we are not heading your way soon. I have rebuilt the Wail for extra wailing ness -- we did our first gig as a new formation last week and man the lift was out of this world. So, now to the bookings -- time just keeps on keeping on and/but we are wanting to get to your neck of the woods asap -- many miles and many gallons (@$4) -- pls be my wake up call and every few weeks say .... sims..... time to get your artse to cally (unlike our insipid gov, I do know where cally is) thanks Larry -- feel free to email me sims@wail.com

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