Harmonious Wail

Who would you say are primary influences on your music as a group and individually???

Harmonious Wail responded on 11/22/2010

I passed this on to all the HW's - here is Sims' answer;
Primarily Jethro Burns. He is the Great-One and I am always thinking - WWJP - what would Jethro play? right after Jethro comes Django Reinhardt, Lester Young, Bireli Lagrene, Sam Bush, Levon Helm of The Band.
as a group...dan hicks and the hot licks, django reinhardt and the quintet of the hot club of france, nora jones, louie jordan
individually...robin nolan trio, tracy chapman, maryann price, sergio mendez and the brazil 66
thanks! maggie
And Matt;
As a group, gypsy swing, Django Reinhart. Bop,
Me: Stevie Wonder. Sting, Charlie Haden, Richard Davis, Miles Davis
From Tom;
Charlie Christian, Joe Pass, Bill Frissell, Wes Montgomery, Django Rheinhart, Buddy Miller, Fapy Lefartin.

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