Harmonious Wail

We have attended the festival the last two years. I don't quite understand the ticketing for Saturday, the 15th. Does it include both afternoon and evening performances? It looks as though it is only for the 2:00 performance. If so, is the evening performance sold out?
Last year, we came early enough to sit in the front row for the afternoon performance. I notice available reserved seating purchases mention rows 5 and on. Will the first 4 rows be for first come, first serve? Thanks in advance for your response.
Cory Schlangen

Harmonious Wail responded on 08/29/2018

Hi Cory,
Thanks for the note - see if this helps. I have pulled the first four rows back for sponsors . Sponsorship info is here http://midwestgypsyswingfest.com/getinvo...
The next four rows are A level reserved and the last four rows are B level reserved and then there are unlimited general "bring your lawn chair" tickets. If you guys are interested in a sponsorship please shoot me and email sims@wail.com and I would love to talk you thru it.
and yes tickets are by the day Fri and/or Sat - all day
thanks - hope to see you !-- Sims

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