Harmonious Wail

Hello. I am in a small town in Michigan. Are there any more events for Gypsy Jazz in Wisconsin in 2017?

Harmonious Wail responded on 02/24/2017

Hi Anonymous small town Michigander, Thanks for the note. I am Sims, mandolinist and band leader of Harmonious Wail and Kahuna of the MGSF. What's your name and where in MI are you? I have a small chunk of land in the UP and Maggie and I are building a cabin there so we go up as often as schedule will allow. Bunch of Gypsy Jazz stuff happening. Obviously you are on the wail mail and I will do my best to send a gypsy jazz update asap. Every WED in March and April is Gypsy Jazz night at a brand new club n Madison WI called the Cafe Coda - music 7-9 followed by a jam session. Gonzalo Bergara and H Wail will be doing a tour - April 29 in Denver and working back to WI thru the week. WI shows are May 5 in La Crosse and May 6 at The Stoughton Opera House - check out www.wail.com/dates for details. The Original Harmonious Wail will be playing at the Brink Lounge in Madison on June 23. Sept MGSF is 9/15 and 16, 2017 . Thanks again - talk with you soon -- Sims

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