Harmonious Wail

Well I just joined so I'll ask if you're coming to New Jwersey? Although I saw that you'll be at Lancaster in Feb. Hope to see you then. p.s. I'm a Manalin player who's grabbing onto Django with heated passion. Nice to hear more Mando players going Manouche!

Harmonious Wail responded on 12/28/2013

Hello Mando-gypsy dude, Great to hear from ye. Yikes! I just went to my own web site www.wail.com and see that I have not entered the dates in late Feb when we will be on the east coast. Will do asap - SomeLike the 20th in DC, then on to Lancaster. Don't think we will get to NJ but would love the help finding the best spot to bringh thre Wail to - Hope to see you. What kind of Mando do you have?

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