Harmonious Wail

Hello Sims,
It was great seeing you and Dode yesterday! I sent an email to the Hammes Family regarding our visit.
Where are you playing on Saturday, September 14th?

Harmonious Wail responded on 09/05/2013

Hi Jay, ditto -- it really was great to share a kewpie's burger experience with you. I know Mom loved it too. and thanks so much for sending her love and hello's to the Hammes clan. Sept 13 and 14 is the annual Midwest Gypsy Swing fest - http://www.midwestgypsyswingfest.com -- The Wail plays both days along with four or five other excellent bands. Great that we are connected digitally now. I will work on a Wail Mail newsletter today. Mag says hello - hope to see ya -- HI to Patty

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